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Item Price
W-OKI-006: Unburned Rattan Tonfa (youth 14" or 16") $22 Add to cart
W-OKI-007: Burned Rattan Tonfa (youth) 14" or 16" $27 Add to cart
W-OKI-008: Rattan Tonfa (adult 18" or 20") $33 Add to cart
W-OKI-009: Oak/Maple Tonfa (youth 14", 16", or 18") $40 Add to cart
W-OKI-010: Oak Tonfa (adult) $44 Add to cart

W-OKI-011: Custom Tonfa

Choose length (18" to 24" and Round or Shaped handles)

$44 Add to cart
Hardwood Tonfa (adult)

All same size (22"), high-end custom quality

W-OKI-012: Cocobolo: $150 Add to cart
W-OKI-013: Purple Heart: $100 Add to cart
W-OKI-014: Walnut: $100 Add to cart
W-OKI-015: Blue PR-24, 24" $25 Add to cart
W-OKI-016: Black PR-24, 26" $30 Add to cart
W-OKI-029: Padded Tonfa $25 pair Add to cart

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